Terms and Conditions


In these terms and conditions any reference to MEV shall mean the Manufacturer, purchaser or builder means person named on the front of this order form to whom MEV is providing goods as per these conditions. Goods/parts mean parts of motor vehicle, kit or part kit or part of fully built vehicle ordered and collected by or delivered to the purchaser. Kit refers to any part of, or all of the kit supplied by MEV. MEV Exocet refers to any derivative of the Exocet, Exocet XS or any other derivative of the Exocet.

MEV shall endeavour but does not guarantee, to secure delivery/availability for collection of goods by the estimated date and shall not be liable for any damage or claims of any kind arising from or in respect of delayed timetables. If the purchaser fails to collect the goods within six months of notification of completion, MEV shall be at liberty to treat the contract as repudiated and the deposit shall be forfeited.


  1. The goods shall remain the absolute property of MEV, who reserve the right to dispose of goods, until such time as payment is received in full. Payment in the form of cleared funds paid by bank transfer, shall be due on or before collection/delivery of goods. Payment by telephone transfer on day of collection is not acceptable. The purchaser shall be responsible for insurance for the full value of the goods as soon as the goods leave MEV’s premises, whether collected or delivered. MEV will be under no obligation to insure the goods once risk has passed to the purchaser, This order is non transferable.
  2. The MEV Exocet, when sold in component form, is sold for amateur construction. The purchaser is responsible for and accepts responsibility for its assembly and road worthiness. The goods must be used and the vehicle constructed in accordance with the build guide (see MEV website) and if necessary via technical help form MEV, using parts recommended by MEV. MEV will not be liable for any loss injury or death whatsoever that result from an increase in the power of the vehicle, such as the addition of a supercharger, turbo charger, head skim, throttle bodies etc. In the case of a purchase from MEV of a built vehicle that is either road legal or not, these conditions also apply.
  3. The purchaser accepts that the parts supplied by MEV are not type approved, stress tested, weight tested or crash tested for use in this application. MEV shall accept no liability whatsoever in the event of any loss or injury, death or financial loss.
  4. In the event of non MEV supplied parts being used, no liability whatsoever for any failure of any part of the vehicle will be accepted by MEV.
  5. MEV accepts no responsibility whatsoever for goods supplied which are used for track days, racing or competing of any type, whether on a public road, private facilities, or track.
  6. MEV will not be liable in relation to colour fastness or colour matching of original or replacement glass fibre.
  7. MEV shall in no circumstances be liable for any malfunction or non function of any goods caused by incorrect installation or incorrect maintenance.
  8. All specifications, prices, illustrations, colours, drawings, diagrams, on the website, in catalogues, brochures, trade literature, magazines and all other published matter in any media, or quoted by it or any of its representatives, are of an informative nature only, none of these form part of any contract of give rise to any liability whatsoever. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the Build Guide is up to date and correct, MEV shall be under no liability for inaccuracies in the Build Guide, which is intended to be a guide only, and not an instruction manual. MEV reserve the right to make changes and alterations to specifications, dimensions, measurements, prices, of all or part of any kit or vehicle at their discretion. Deviations in quantity of goods delivered or collected from that stated in any contract to which these conditions apply shall not give rise to a right to reject on the part of the purchaser, the purchaser shall have no right to claim for damages or for breach of contract.
  9. Any shortages, defects or damaged items in the kit or extras ordered must be notified to MEV on the day of collection/delivery. Items must be checked on collection/delivery. MEV shall not be liable or obliged to deal with any shortages, defects or damage reported after collection/delivery.
  10. The MEV Exocet is a high performance car which requires driving with respect. An on track driver training course in the MEV Exocet with a professional instructor is strongly recommended. The components manufactured for this kit car intended and recommended for use with a standard 1.6 or 1.8 engine from a Mazda MX5 donor car. The use of any method of increasing power output, including alternative engines, is categorically not approved by MEV and MEV shall not be liable for any loss, injury or death resulting from the addition of these items.
  11. MEV categorically states that all MEV Exocets intended for road use must, when completed, be taken by the purchaser or someone appointed by the purchaser to a VOSA testing station for an Individual Approval Test, followed by an application to DVLA to properly register the vehicle for road use as a MEV Exocet. MEV accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any vehicle, or part built vehicle being used, whether on private land, a track, or public road that has not been through this process. Any vehicles sold to other parties as part built or unfinished projects will be treated as if they had not been presented for the test by the person purchasing from MEV under the terms of this contract and this clause shall apply. Under no circumstances should the vehicle be driven on a public road without first having been through this process. In the case of kits going outside of the UK, built vehicles should be taken for the equivalent inspections appropriate to that particular country in order to ensure the vehicle is road legal.
  12. Whilst MEV will endeavour to ensure kits supplied are compliant with IVA regulations in force at the time of the kit sale, MEV shall accept no liability or responsibility for any parts, components, or vehicles supplied which may be or may become incompatible with the current IVA regulations. MEV will accept no liability whatsoever for any built which is non-compliant with IVA regulations either for the reasons states here or for incorrect assembly, or incorrect fitting of any components. It is the purchaser’s full and sole responsibility to ensure that the vehicle they have built, have had built for them, or bought built, is IVA compliant, and the same responsibility lies with that person to check for any updates, changes, amendments, replacements or alterations to the IVA test or the test in force at the time they present the vehicle.
  13. MEV accepts no liability whatsoever for damage to parts, vehicles, or personal injury to the purchaser or any third party caused by any customising, alteration, deviations, alternative methods of mounting, attaching, wiring, connecting, or any incorrect or alternative installation of any items made during or after the build by the purchaser.
  14. If MEV is prevented from fulfilling any order within a reasonable time by reason of force majeure or any cause beyond its reasonable control, including delay in delivery to MEV of any good or materials or interruption in supply or transport, MEV shall be under no liability to the purchaser and shall be entitled to exercise its option either to cancel any contract to which these conditions apply or without any liability extend the time of collection delivery.
  15. MEV will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of the purchaser’s order and payment secure, but MEV will not be liable for unauthorised access to information supplied by the purchaser. MEV will only use the personal information provided by the purchaser for the purposes of fulfilling the order.
  16. If after the date of this order and before the collection/delivery of the goods to be purchased, MEV’s price for any of the goods is altered in the event of this being an increase, MEV shall notify the purchaser of the increase and it shall be payable by the purchaser unless within 7 days of such notice, the purchaser declines to pay such an increase, then MEV shall have the option by notice to the purchaser to cancel the contract. Deposits, part payments, full payments are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable. In the event of MEV ceasing to make goods of the type or similar referred to in this contract, MEV may (whether the estimated delivery or availability for collection date has been given or not) by notice to the purchaser, cancel the contract. The purchaser shall not assign this contract.
  17. By signing these terms and conditions the purchaser declares they fully agree and understand that unauthorised reproduction of any part or all of this kit, either identical, or a similar derivative, for private or commercial use, is strictly forbidden unless licencing agreements have been entered into with MEV.
  18. Any reference to kit price shall mean the kit price as listed under MEV Exocet Kit on this order form.
  19. If any clause in these terms and conditions is deemed ineffective/void then the other clauses shall take effect as judged by English Law.